Detta kanske vore något…?

”Cry-No-More,” is for a strap-on pacifier that loops around a baby’s ears and stays put.

Strap-on Pacifier

The Baby Cage is an ”oval shaped domed structure featuring curved crossbars that are strong enough to support an adult’s weight.” With this device baby can safely sleep in bed between mommy and daddy free from fear of being rolled onto by sleep-deprived parents.

Baby Cage
Sometimes it is difficult for an infant to fall asleep, and the parent must resort to patting the baby to sleep by repeated pats upon the hind parts thereof. The Baby Patter’s mechanized arm offers the perfect solution.
Baby Butt Patter

So, there you have it, parenting in the Twenty-first century made easier, or at least weirder, thanks to the creative responses of a few inventors.


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